Training Sessions Available 

  • The self aware Youth Worker
  • Values in the work place
  • Crisis, conflicts and ethical workshop
  • Substances (focus on meth amphetamine)
  • Tai Chi in the class room
  • Mindfulness for teachers and students
  • Sexual health for Youth Workers
  • Teenage development
  • Work life balance
  • Well being for fly in fly out workers
  • School education session on request


Community Training can tailor a training session for your organisation specific needs


The Self Aware Youth Worker 

Youth Work is although at times workers can experience a vast sense of responsibility and stress as they function in environments where there is little time for recovery between crisis, client demands, programs and case notes. Working under pressure, youth workers can experience emotional drain and burn out. Research shows that up 25% of youth workers feel they are suffering from burnout.

Many youth workers come into the field with vitality and good intentions but little training is provided about their own self-care. When youth workers perform with a high level of self-awareness and stress responses managed, they get the best outcomes for the young people along with reducing their own burnout and pressure. As in many professions it is an ethical requirement for youth workers have training, support, and self-care techniques to deal with the load that they carry.

Supervision, professional development and training allow the worker to perform at their optimal level and provide exceptional support to their clients. Allow yourself to work from a framework that reduces stress, improves productivity and encourages a calm professional and home life.

This training will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding and dealing with crisis/conflict
  • Boundaries
  • Ethics and duty of care
  • Avoiding burnout
  • Worker self-awareness
  • Managing and understanding physiological responses to stress
  • Working in healthy teams


Substances and Methamphetamine

There is an increasing concern relating to substance misuse with a focus on crystal meth in communities presently. This is a community issue and from that it needs a holistic community response. Learn how to respond to drug use from a calm point of view and feel informed about addiction, substances and responding to aggressive behaviours. This workshop has a strong focus on harm minimisation and techniques that people who are engaged in drug use can make safer choices with the correct information about their health.  The workshop will also allow time for discussion of issues and challenges specific to your community and work setting. 

This training will cover the following topics: 

  • Community concern over substance abuse
  • Effects
  • How to deal with aggressive behaviours
  • Poly drug use
  • Tolerance and production
  • Informing young people realistically
  • Harm minimisation
  • Frameworks
  • Stages of change


Mindfulness and Stress Reduction for Professionals

2 hour introduction session

Mindfulness is the maintenance of moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, emotions, our body, and surrounding environment with openness. It allows us to become less reactive and respond to stress with a greater level of awareness.  It has a variety of research-backed impacts, including reduction in stress, and improvements in job satisfaction, emotional regulation, and concentration.


This workshop will cover the following topics:


  • Avoiding burnout
  • Worker self-awareness
  • Managing and understanding physiological responses to stress
  • Introduction into mindfulness



2018 dates for the self aware youth worker followed by substances

Townsville 16th and 17th of May
Cairns 30th and 31st of May
Charters Towers 8th and 9th of June
Rockhampton 20th and 21st of June
Brisbane 4th and 5th of July
Alice Springs 24th and 25th of July
Tenant Creek 27th and 28th of July
Darwin 15th and 16th of August
Bendigo 5th and 6th of September
Adelaide 26th and 27th of September