Our Team

Lara Baker: Founder and CEO

Lara has had 14 years experience working in the community sector with young people and homeless peoples. Lara has a strong sense of social justice and believes professionals working within the community sector need to have access to professional development and stress reduction techniques to work at their optimal and achieve positive client relationships. Lara’s tertiary background is psychology/ community work, diploma of Youthwork and she is also a certified trainer and assessor.

Lara has worked under government and non-government organisations, various positions from volunteering, working in drop in centres, residential services, school counsellor/education, working directly with people who inject substances to managing an organisation she founded. Lara has worked for an international mindfulness company teaaching mindfulness to a large range of auidences. 

Lara has also worked in metropolitan areas along with developing and delivering programs out of the Cape of Queensland. She has had 10 years training experience with delivering training for youth workers that were new to the sector, along with designing and running workshops for many different audiences.

Feedback from participants indicated Lara’s facilitation ability creates a warm, interactive environment for participants to learn and be heard whist maintaining a high level of professionalism. 

“Lara is intuitive, sensitive, great at creating a safe & stable environment – good at leading in a gentle yet assertive manner, excellent communicator”. (Communtiy worker)

“She is a great facilitator, made the group discussions really interesting and each team member felt a part of the team and wanted to share”. (Communtiy worker)

“I gained so much knowledge and confidence working in Laras training program. Lara facilitated the course in a professional manner, always making me feel at ease through the learning process and has continued to support me through out my career”  (Youth worker)

I found the course gave me the confidence to follow my passion for working in the drug and alcohol field, I knew I always wanted to work in this field although Lara gave me the skills and drive to head back into my career” (Resdential Youth Worker)

“Lara’s training style is fun, informative, and very refreshing. I came away from the training, inspired, motivated and challenged with new tools to use in my day to day work! Let the new me out…” ( Youth Link)

“all of my staff and myself had a very enlightening experience and have learned a lot more about helping ourselves as well as helping our clients more” (Rockhampton)

Thank you for your amazing training and enabling me to manage my compassion fatigue, also enabling other employee to do the same using your skill and tool you’ve provide in training” (Mackay) 

“This was the best 2 days of training I have attended in a long time. Very interactive, fun and informative” (Cooktown)


Daniel Morris: Founder and Facilitator

Daniel has had 21 years working in the youth and community sector with a primary focus on Youth. His passion is to enhance social justice principles and practices which promote the wellbeing and human rights of all people, particularly those living in rural and remote communities. Daniel tertiary background includes diplomas in youth work, community development, management, training and assessment and a graduate certificate in social science (housing management).

Daniel has worked in a number of roles within the community sector, including case management, group work, AOD, community development, research, quality improvement and organisational management.

Daniel has collaborated with several research institutes and organisations including the Youth Affairs Network QLD, JCU, Qld Health, University of Qld and University of NSW to better support the sector in understanding the needs of young people across Qld.

Daniel has a strong history of training in the sector, delivering a range of programs and professional development opportunities to government and non-government providers, as well as to the community and service users