Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) or Mindfulness With Horses

Strengthening relationships through social and emotional development and self-awareness.


  • We can tailor one off sessions or a series of sessions
  • Team work
  • Problem solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Respect
  • Self confidence
  • Assertiveness
  • Healthy emotional regulation
  • Boundary setting
  • Building healthy relationships

EAL is beneficial for everybody due to horses' judgement-free and transparent responses. Children and adolescents that are struggling socially or emotionally, or that just need a confidence boost can benefit from experiential learning with horses.

Horse Wisdom Program (6 week session) $600

  • The Horse Wisdom Program is the signature program of the Equine Psychotherapy Institute and is done as six individual sessions or a one day workshop. This workshop is ideal for personal development and/or skills building. Six key themes are explored – awareness, boundaries, thinking, feeling, relationships and facing life’s challenges. The program can also be customised to suit individual needs.
  • Professional development session for you work team - $ 100 per person
  • Individual sessions for children and adults - $ 80 per session
  • Drug and alcohol specific sessions for originations – price on enquiry
  • School based sessions – price on enquiry

What is EAL?

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is an experiential learning and personal development approach suitable for children, adolescents, and adults. Clients participate in individual or group sessions in partnership with horses to experiment with new ways of being, thinking and behaving.

We run a variety of programs to address needs in social and emotional learning, personal development, leadership and team building. Participants can expect to take part in relationship-based learning activities with horses to develop important life skills such as self-awareness, boundary setting, understanding feelings, forming healthy relationships and managing challenge.

Study’s show people learn best by doing, and that change occurs when we are open to new experiences and shifts in thinking. Participants will gain more insight into their own behaviour patterns and learn new coping skills to take away.

Who can benefit? Everyone, this practice is for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Why Horses?

  • Horses are in the present moment and respond to us without judgment.
  • Horses are prey animals and therefore have a heightened awareness of themselves within the context of their environment.
  • Horses are also herd animals and as such live in constant connection and relationship with others. The herd is socially organized, negotiated by non-verbal communication and clear boundary setting.
  • Horses see us for what we are without judgement.
  • Horses demonstrate various leadership styles allowing people to learn leadership skills.
  • Horses evoke strong feelings in people due to their size, beauty, agility and grace allowing people to have a somatic experience.
  • Horses offer people a sense of being grounded and calm.
  • Horses heightened our awareness.
  • Horses are naturally mindful.


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